Become a Wellness Coach in 6 Months or Less!

You will learn to help clients change their mindset about living well and make the connections between their choices and their well-being.

Lifestyle-related diseases and are increasing in all ages of our population. Stress, overwhelm and burnout culminates into autoimmune diseases, symptoms and prescription drugs. If we continue on this path, it is predicted that the life expectancy of future generations will be lowered than the current generations.

Earn $45,000 and up in their first year of coaching. 

Our wellness coaching curriculum consists of the following:

  • 20 ICF approved coach specific online classes
  • 10 Master Wellness Facilitator Specific courses and designation
  • 4 Wellness coaching mastermind sessions
  • 10 hours of Mentor coaching
  • Business building mastermind sessions
  • Business building curriculum
  • Access to coach velocity client management system
  • A written exam

We Offer:

  • Training and Certification.
  • Business Building.         
  • Marketing Support

Wellness is a way of life that leads to health, vitality, vibrancy, and resilience. Wellness is also a mindset that requires a shift in thinking that fueled by coaching.

We use the most integrated wellness coaching model on the market to help our learners prepare to turn any conversation into a wellness conversation that improves their clients overall well being.

As part of our wellness coaching program, you will get to learn how to use our nine-dimensional wellness model to create a framework and roadmap to wellness for clients in all life arenas.

As a bonus, you will gain access to our master wellness facilitation certification curriculum which comes with 26 ICF CCE’S.

Included in the Program:

  • Content is delivered by the Faculty of Management award-winning Professors
  • Wellness Assessments with detailed reports and debriefs
  • Peer Coaching – 12 coaching sessions are included in the cost
  • Active Coaching Program – Participants work in groups with a faculty and peer on a real issue

View our Wellness Model here

You will also Earn the Master Wellness Facilitator designation along with these Amazing Program Bonuses:

  • Wellness Facilitator Toolkit with done for you client card and template
  • 9 WIS e-course coupons
  • Wellness Conversation Workshop PowerPoint slides professionally done for you to offer paid wellness seminars and keynotes
  • Monetize our WIS program strategy to work with corporations and groups