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Hear What Our Students Are Saying

Our students make up our community. They tell us what is working and they tell us what isn’t working, we listen to them. Hear their voices on how this program has changed their lives and help them develop their practice and grow as a person and as a coach.

“I was so impressed after the introductory course that I enrolled in the life coaching program. It has been one of the best decisions of my life.” –Derek Bradley, WISCI Student

“[The program] has taught me the value of becoming an active listener, the incredible power of self-reflection, and has caused me to realign the way I communicate with myself and others. The courses accountability to self and others also assisted me in completing my recently published, “Don’t Blame the Children” parenting book. It has empowered me to realize my personal and professional goals in a faster, more productive way. From my perspective, Joyce is one of the most talented Coaches in the coaching businesses today. Her immense knowledge and attention to detail combined with her contagious passion for people makes WIS the best coaching program in the province. This course should be taken by all people as it does and will change your life if you stay open to the process.”

“Day One changed my life and I haven’t looked back since!” –Shana Robinson, WISCI Student

“Even upon registering, I felt ensured that I was in the right place. I felt that I would be taking a program that would properly equip me to be successful in the Coaching field along with continuous support and opportunity for professional development. I was given the opportunity to explore myself, my pain, my failures and my past. But the even more beautiful part was being supported to look forward into my accomplishments, success and my future. I recommend this program to everyone who is prepared to put in the work to not only see the development of others, but excited to see it manifest in themselves.”

“I now have the tools and know-how to build the life I was meant to live and to help others create the story they want to tell with their lives.” –Lory Mitton, WISCI Student

“Coming from rural Manitoba, I decided that I wanted to pursue Coach training and was delighted to find a training program nearby in Winnipeg. After I expressed interest in the program, Joyce met with me and I felt excited and energized by that first interaction. The enthusiasm for my coaching dream grew as I participated in each class and as I experienced firsthand the power of coaching in my own life. The connection with my classmates was meaningful and the pay-as-you-go structure of the program was very convenient for me. I recommend this training to anyone who wants to be equipped to have a significant impact in others’ lives.”

“Their values are very similar to my values and provide me with a structure to better serve my clients.” –Tara Maniar, WISCI Graduate

“As a focusing practitioner, I wanted a tool to work with clients who were not ready to sense into their bodies. I decided to pursue Interpersonal Wellness Coaching training as another tool to serve clients. The staff is very supportive to keep me on track with my goals and understanding when life and my travel prevent me from moving forward to my goals. With this supportive attitude I was able to complete the training in my own time. I would definitely recommend IWS coaching training program to anyone who wants to become a life coach or just wants to move toward living, working and playing well. The program is complete, comprehensive and can be customized to individual needs.”

“I would definitely advise anyone who wishes to look into this field of studies to trust WIS and its administration with their future.” –Lucy Tsouni [Greece], WISCI Student

“Joyce did justify my choice from the very first lesson, she is fun and everything a new student would wish to have on the on-line courses we did together. The lessons were substantial and directed straight to the point, clarifying both what you were discussing in class and whatever questions you may have had in your head. I find Joyce brilliant in her approach to his field of work and feel VERY blessed to have met and selected her for my life coaching courses, which I will continue the soonest to complete.”

“This was certainly life changing…” –Marcello Nesca, WISCI Student

“What wonderful life skills I have learned for my life! Not only I felt I have bettered myself, I now am prepped to help others even more, as well as chasing my dream much more aggressively. I chose Interpersonal Wellness Services because my learning dynamic is the best in a classroom setting, and this school offered a classroom training sessions. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the classes! I would recommend the school in the future to others because of the life skills you learn as an individual are very valuable.”

“As soon as I took the first module I knew that I had found something special for me.” –Malcom Kirkland, WISCI Student

“When I first looked into coaching, the only one I found that was teaching locally was Joyce at Interpersonal Wellness. The people in the program have all been great and the course has delivered a wealth of information to me. I have since completed the 12 modules and am looking forward to building on the program, perhaps towards a career in coaching. I think that anyone who is interested in personal development should explore this option for themselves and as a means to help others. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone.”

“My search for training began in isolation but through IWSCI, I found a program that not only offered quality training but it allows me to be part of a supportive coaching network.” –Doris Neufeld, WISCI Graduate

“I had spent a number of months looking into the many options for life coach training and it appeared that I would either have to do my training miles away from home or in isolation at my computer. Neither one of those options was appealing. I really wanted to receive training close to home and in a group setting where I could learn through interaction with others and that is exactly what I experienced at the Interpersonal Wellness System Coaching Institute (IWSCI). The training period enabled me to gain a greater confidence in myself as a person and then a new found confidence in my coaching abilities. The training and the IWQ model provide me with the structure and the tools that I need to be a successful professional life coach.”

“I have slowly transformed my way of thinking, the way I lead my life and the way I lead in my family. I interact with others differently. I have more positive, understanding and meaningful interactions. I ask rather than tell, and I see the difference in the way people respond rather than react.” –Shauna Attardo, WISCI Student

“I have grown personally and have discovered ways to see others with a new perspective. I have gained knowledge and understanding about how to interact with people in a respectful and empathetic way. I chose this program because it offered me to be a balanced, whole approach to learning. I now feel that I could assist someone in whatever way they needed – whether it be achieving their life goals and becoming who they want to be or finding a solution to an immediate concern or issue. I no longer want to tell someone what I think, but I so want them to discover the answers for themselves!! I feel I could help someone see that no matter where they are or what they are doing they can be happy and at peace with themselves and with life. I will continue to recommend this program to others. Regardless of whether or not someone is coming for a work related issues, job requirement to better their skills or simply as a personal interest, what you learn will change your life!”

“I am exploring what it means to be fully present to another person – to truly hear them, both in terms of what is said and what is unsaid.” –Corinne Plett, WISCI Student

“Coach training has offered me the opportunity to expand into a new dimension of skills. Through the module training and the peer coaching, I am exploring what it means to be fully present to another person – to truly hear them, both in terms of what is said and what is unsaid. I am practicing moving away from offering insight to asking deliberate and thoughtful questions that give the client space to reflect on their own life, to discover for themselves, and to be empowered to have their own “aha” moments and experiences. Working with a peer client in the coaching sessions who is intentional about self-awareness and professional development, but who also offers thoughtful feedback to me in terms of each coaching session and how I can continue to develop as a coach, has been a powerful learning experience for me.”

“With the online course I feel like I’m very much a part of the classroom and interacting directly with my fellow students and teacher.” –Carrie Campbell, WISCI Online Student

“When I discovered a Winnipeg coaching school that offered online classes that I could take in my rural Manitoba home, I was thrilled but nothing could prepare me for the warmth and welcoming class environment that awaited me. With the online course I feel like I’m very much a part of the classroom and interacting directly with my fellow students and teacher. It feels like being part of the group and working with everyone as you would in a physical class structure with the added bonus of getting to pop into class if I am in the city. The flexibility offered with the WISCI team is outstanding. Joyce is amazing in her teaching and communication of the subjects in a comprehensive and open manner which brings you into present focus to be able to best implement the lessons into practical application and her training coordinator Shana is amazingly helpful every step of the way. I look forward to continuing my studies with WISCI and watching how it inspires me to grow in my own life goals, on my path and to empower others on their journeys”