Do You View Employees’ Interpersonal Skills as a Necessary Requirement for Business Success?

It has been proven that poor interpersonal skills have a hard cost to organizations.

employee-business-successThe business as usual processes being used to develop and improve interpersonal skills in the workplace isn’t working. More time is to be spent on helping employees gain awareness of the impact of poor skills, with the right support to replace those skills with more business enhancing skills.


It is estimated that organizations lose billions of dollars annually in errors, customer dissatisfaction, damage goods, and accidents due to poor decision-making skills, responsible communication, accountability, and other common-sense skills that aren’t very common.

This would change if employers viewed interpersonal skills as part of an employees’ gear, necessary for optimal performance.

Employers willingly spend money to appropriate uniforms, tools, and gears for employees as part of their basic requirements. And thousands of dollars on assessments and profiling, with zero dollars left over for the development of appropriate interpersonal skills they assume they come with.

The truth is employees don’t show up for work with the right kind of interpersonal skills most of the time. This is a fallacy sold to employers by the promoters of assessment tools. Though we can assess someone’s profile, people adapt and change. Thus, when circumstance change in your workplace, people may show skills you didn’t know they had.

Someone with great entrepreneurial skills, who work alone efficiently is not equipped to become a leader of people; this expectation serves to set the employee and the employer up for failure.

I often get asked by employers why can’t he or she just be more respectful, be kinder, have common sense, make such poor decision? I will give the same answer here, they have not had the opportunity to develop that skill well for this environment, what if we give them that opportunity?

It takes some people four to six months of intense training and coaching support to change a skill, and some people take longer. We provide a six month and 12-month program with the latter being the money-back guarantee program for employers who are nervous about the investment.

If an employer is truly ready to improve the employee’s situation, and success in the organization, as well as reducing the stress of their co-workers and supervisors, it behooves them to provide the appropriate training and coaching support programs for employees to develop interpersonal skills for success.

To Your Wellness!

Joyce Odidison