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Cash Flow in Business a Leading Cause of Stress


Did you know that cash flow is a leading source of stress for many business owners? Are you scratching your head and worrying about the health of your business cash flow?   Business owners are very connected to their businesses. Many identify and attach their self-worth and personal value to their business success. Many have made huge sacrifices to keep their dreams alive.  This is one reason why small business owners take it personally when they don't make the money they intend to have in their business. Unfortunately, many of them struggle in silence when things aren't going right. They view [...]

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What is Your Path to Getting the Cash You Need?


I love the month of September, it always seems as if things get back to “normal” when the kids are back at school. Will things get back to normal for you?   What is normal for you? Is it the hamster wheel of trying to make ends meet either in your personal or business finances? Through the month of September, we are working on improving financial wellness. Whether you run a business or not, you need cash to make things work. Among the learning events, we will be running our famous Cash Flow Infusion Coaching throughout September, where I will be offering mastermind sessions [...]

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Are People More Angry, Upset, and Frustrated?


Am I seeing what I am seeing? Last fall, I was arrested by the unrest and turmoil happening with my clients and with society. It was then when I was inspired to write my 5th book to provide new and interesting insights on how we understand and integrate interpersonal and workplace conflicts. Even the title of my book was inspired by this. I was led to call the book: Hurt, Upset, Angry, Frustrated? The book practically wrote itself, allowing me to speak to the everyday upset and hurt that people were sharing with me. I was noticing more people were holding onto hurt feelings [...]

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Do Your Know Someone Who Needs These Skills?


Do you know someone who needs to develop interpersonal skills to get along better in the workplace? The Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. is a hub for developing interpersonal skills for professionals. Poor interpersonal skills are a top reason why employees leave their organizations, get fired, or transferred. Coaching is one of the easiest ways to improve interpersonal skills.  Interpersonal Skills Improvement Coaching, our trademark program, is ideal for those who want to improve a skill area, performance level, change limiting behavior, or play a bigger game in their careers. The program is great for individuals self-employed, professionals at work, and emerging leaders, [...]

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Do You Love Your Job Enough to Do it for Free?


It’s a commonly held belief that if you love what you do, you will excel at it and may even do it for free when the opportunity presents itself. I believe this to be true, so when I thought of interesting and unconventional ways to celebrate our 20th year in business this summer. I have decided to hold open office hours every Wednesday in August, starting from August 2nd to the 30th from 11:30am to 1pm CST. And yes, these open office hours are virtual, phone or in-person 15 minute strategy sessions for those in my network who desire someone to bounce an [...]

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Are You Looking for Life Coach Training in Winnipeg, Manitoba?


I have had a number of people tell that they didn’t know there was a Life Coach Training program in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This is surprising to me because we have been training and certifying leadership, wellness and life coaches in our ICF approved life coach training program here in Winnipeg for the past 10 years. Our students come from a wide range of industries, with amazing life and professional experience looking to capture under a coach certification umbrella. Some of our graduates are physicians, nurses, health care practitioners, teachers, educators, engineers, human resources professionals, and a host of other professions. Our [...]

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The Wellness Industry is Growing by Billions This Year!


Did You Know that the Wellness Industry Will Grow by Billions of Dollars this Year? Imagine millions of people every where interested in their wellness and searching for ways to improve their wellness? What is wellness worth to them, what is it worth to you? There are some key factors that's causing a boom in this industry and it is driven by the fact that there is the desire in people like you and I to educate ourselves and take control of our wellness.  Other factors include an increase in new diseases that would make our grandparents swoon, now impacting our health, [...]

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Is Your Business Resilient?


  Resilient businesses are growing, attracting new customers and being of value to more people. Resilient businesses have systems in place to capture and replicate great practice and they continue to review and develop new processes that reflect change in time, technology and client needs. Resilient businesses have processes in place that saves time, money and resources, they make changes and adapt to reduce frustration for their customers and staff as well as to protect the environment. Resilient businesses have systems and processes in place to improve functionality and tension for employees and they strive to stay relevant in their industry [...]

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The Cost of Poor Interpersonal Skills


Do You View Employees' Interpersonal Skills as a Necessary Requirement for Business Success? It has been proven that poor interpersonal skills have a hard cost to organizations. The business as usual processes being used to develop and improve interpersonal skills in the workplace isn't working. More time is to be spent on helping employees gain awareness of the impact of poor skills, with the right support to replace those skills with more business enhancing skills.   It is estimated that organizations lose billions of dollars annually in errors, customer dissatisfaction, damage goods, and accidents due to poor decision-making skills, responsible communication, [...]

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Are You Intellectually Well?


As part of our integrated wellness process, this month visitors to our website get to find out how well they are doing intellectually. Now this self-rater assessment does not equate to one’s IQ. Though being intellectually well may support your IQ, they are not the same. Intellectual wellness explores what you do to build your mental capacity and asks the question, 'How well are you doing with areas such as decision making, goal setting and your life experiences?' Are you learning and experiencing those areas of your life well? Being intellectually well increases your ability to be resilient when faced with [...]

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Five Skills Employees Need to Succeed in the Workplace


All employees in the workplace who want to get that raise, get that promotion, receive that bonus or still be employed after layoffs, should know their value to their employer. This means they should demonstrate these five skills daily: Accountability – learn how to respond appropriately to demonstrate accountability Initiative – learn what taking initiative looks like for your job Respect – learn how some small things can make you look disrespectful Collaboration – learn how to work well with others and get along with them Engagement at Work – learn how to show passion and engagement with work   These [...]

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Summer Intensive Coach Training


Are you getting ready for summer? I am excited and ready for summer to officially arrive. How are you going to mark this summer? Would you like to do something significant but fun that you look back on and say I did it this summer? Something to Mark Your Summer I want to make it easy and fun for you to mark off a significant milestone in your life by making it simple to get your coaching certificate during your lunch hour over the summer. Isn’t that cool? Utilize Your Lunch Break Yes, you heard me. For three days a week [...]

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