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30 Day Emotional Cleanse for people to thrive at work by Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.
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What you get:

✔ Transform Your Workplace Culture in 30 Days or Less.

✔ Reduce conflicts at work

✔ Build a healthy workplace

✔ Increase rapport and trust

✔ Daily 5-minute daily focused videos

✔ Weekly webinar (30 minutes)

✔ Private discussion forum

✔ Support for the program manager (90 minutes)

“Thank You, Joyce”

“For the work you have done on the Wellness Improvement System model to help humanity.”

Tim Grouette, WISCI Student

“The Life Wellness Bible.”

“I loved working with the WIS model and using it with my clients. I believe it is a life wellness roadmap that all can follow.”

Fifi Tumewu, WISCI Student

“The Wis Model provides an amazing framework for people to look at their lives in a new way”.

Dr. Kelly Fisher, WISCI Student

“Joyce is an excellent coach”.

Dominick Blais, WISCI Student